Leadership Programs

Jump-start your future by joining one of our global leadership programs. These multi-year experiences will help you develop your potential for leadership, build your skills and take your passion for problem solving to places you never thought possible. Our portfolio of programs offers diverse experiences in a short time frame to accelerate your opportunities to grow with us well after the program.


Early Career Leadership Programs


"It’s important to be open and ready for opportunities that happen every minute of every day... to learn, reflect, take input and build it into capability."

- Susan Peters, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Successful people are like successful ideas. They don’t happen overnight but need the right environment to reach their full potential. That’s why every year we invest over $1 billion in developing our people, and why GE is consistently ranked #1 in leadership development.

We offer multi-year rotational programs for emerging leaders to build functional expertise and a strong foundation for future leadership roles. All of our programs include a special leadership week with our Crotonville team and peers from all disciplines. One third (+30%) of GE’s senior leaders are program graduates, highlighting the strength of our career-long approach to learning and development.

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Design brilliant answers to the world’s biggest questions.

Across the healthcare, energy, and transportation industries, GE engineers are designing breakthroughs that no one saw coming, but benefit millions. From creating microchip implants that grant paralysis patients new found freedom, to harnessing ocean tides to power city grids, to repurposing our jet engine technology to build the world’s fastest ship—we man our post on the forefront of innovation to move, cure, build and power the world.

Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP)

  • 2-3 year program: 3+ rotations
  • Rotational assignments are engineering projects driven by real GE business priorities
  • Advanced engineering coursework
  • Earn credit towards an M.S degree in engineering
  • Formal reports and presentations to senior leadership
  • One week world-class leadership development experience
  • Active coaching throughout the program

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"The Edison program is a program like no other. Each rotation develops one’s technical skills by illustrating different phases of the design cycle and, more importantly, creates connections that allow better customer solutions to be created. Combining this experience with the program’s leadership development training ensures graduates will be great individual contributors and team leaders."

Engineering (Field Services & Application)

Get ready to meet the engineering challenges facing GE’s industrial businesses in high-growth markets around the world.

GETP is designed to grow early career, high-performing talent capable of meeting the engineering challenges facing GE’s industrial businesses in high-growth markets around the world. GETP is a two-year program that prepares participants for specific business roles such as field service engineer and application engineer, and allows them to build technical and professional skills through challenging rotational assignments, projects, and intensive technical as well as GE’s world-renowned professional and leadership skills training. Graduates will gain the hands-on experience needed to drive and support GE’s growth in developing markets.

Graduate Engineering Training Program (GETP)

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering or related technical field
  • At least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or global equivalent
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, & influencing skills
  • Solid analytical skills couple along with ability to take initiative
  • Geographic mobility

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“My program assignments have been very intense but rewarding at the same time. I had the privilege of meeting international top leaders and learning from some of the best engineers. Not only have I gained technical expertise, but I also received soft skills training. GETP has given me a great opportunity to fulfill my passion of making a difference and to inspire more girls to take on an engineering role.”


Invest in the future by backing those who invent it.

Finance at GE is about more than profit margins and portfolio growth. It’s about giving our people the resources they need to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. We balance the budgets that bring power to a quarter of the world, launch an aircraft every two seconds, and create innovations in health care that save 3,000 lives a day (that’s 273,750 a quarter)!

We connect every part of GE and offer insight, looking beyond the numbers to find solutions that help us win. We are catalysts, embracing & facilitating change. We build leadership for GE.

Financial Management Program (FMP)

  • 2 year program: 4 six month rotations
  • In-depth finance and leadership training
  • Rotations in core GE Finance competencies:
    • Commercial Finance & Project Financing
    • Supply Chain Finance
    • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Opportunity for international experience
  • Attend global FMP conference
  • Active coaching throughout the program

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"What I really like about the program is our ability to make an impact even within a short period of time. I also really appreciate the support and coaching we get from our managers as well as the exposure we have with senior leaders through our projects and presentations."

Digital Technology

Digital ideas that solve real-world problems.

GE is 300,000 people collaborating across oceans and industries, and digital technology is the glue that holds it all together. From high-profile corporate projects to real-time work out in the field, digital at GE is all about finding creative ways of connecting technology, machines and people to make the world work better. Combining the best of software and information technology (IT), digital technology is the foundation for GE as a digital industrial company.

Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP)

  • 2 year program: 4 six month rotations
  • Global classroom experience and virtual coursework in software development, information technology, leadership and business acumen
  • Opportunity for international experience
  • One week world-class leadership development experience
  • Active coaching throughout the program

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"Coming out of college, I didn’t really know “what I wanted to be when I grow up.” I received an offer from GE Healthcare to experience 4 different roles over 2 years in digital technology as well as earn Master-level credits and attend training around the world. I knew this was meant for me. I have learned so much and built relationships with people all over the globe, all while doing work that ultimately saves lives!"

Manufacturing / Operations

Bring big ideas to life, every day.

Innovative initiatives would never see the light of day without a brilliant team to deliver them. We combine intelligent people, intelligent platforms and a culture of constant evolution to drive big results for our customers and the great big world we serve.

Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP)

  • 2 year program: 3 eight month rotations
  • Rotational assignments in Manufacturing Shop Operations, Sourcing/Materials, Lean Leader, Manufacturing or Process and Environment, Health & Safety
  • Dynamic virtual and classroom curriculum encompassing the complete eco-system of supply chain
  • One week world-class leadership development experience
  • Active coaching throughout the program

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"I joined GE Power in Nigeria. I had the opportunity to work in two businesses — Oil & Gas and Power, in 2 countries across 3 different functions. It has been great learning while ensuring that our products and processes are on time, cost efficient and of optimum quality. It is exciting to be part of a company that empowers and inspires you to explore the dynamics of Quality, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Materials Management."

Sales & Marketing

Deliver brilliant solutions for our customers and the world.

Sales & Marketing at GE is about more than pushing products and services. It’s about selling transformative ideas. Every day we deliver brilliant solutions that meet the needs of the world and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Commercial Leadership Program (CLP)

  • 2 year program: 3 or 4 rotational assignments
  • 2 Global conferences incorporating educational curriculum that develops sales and marketing competencies
  • Leadership exposure and development that provides strong opportunities for growth
  • Active coaching throughout the program
  • Engaged with strong global CLP community

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"After graduating, I joined GE Digital’s Innovation Services team. From developers in start-ups to customers with large scale manufacturing operations, our team is developing tools and solutions to make connecting to the Industrial Internet as easy as possible. It’s very rewarding to see our customers get access to data that drives better intelligence and decision making."

Human Resources

Shape the culture that will shape the future.

We work beyond the borders of hierarchy, industry and country; we nurture the growth and development of our people and build the best leaders in the world. HR at GE is about keeping this culture vital, vibrant and united to achieve our mission of moving, curing, building, and powering the world.

Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP)

  • 2 year program: 3 eight month rotations
  • 3 global seminars
  • Rotations in core HR domains including HR generalist, employee relations, compensation and benefits, staffing or organizational design
  • Opportunity for international experience, cross business and cross functional experience/li>
  • One week world-class leadership development experience
  • Active coaching throughout program

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"I joined GE Oil & Gas in Houston supporting our engineering talent around the globe. I developed standardized areas of work and competencies so that our talent can use interactive tools to identify skills. It empowered our engineers to own their personal and professional development."